Martin Mathieu


Martin Mathieu joined Swiss Financial Advisers AG (acquired from UBS by Vontobel Holding AG in 2022) in 2017. He and his team are responsible for serving US High and Ultra High Net Worth clients domiciled outside the US.


Martin started his career with UBS Switzerland AG in 1999 and has extensive experience in Wealth Management and in cultivating successful long-term client relationships. Previously, Martin has worked for UBS Wealth Management out of Zürich and Singapore, catering to high net worth clients located in Emerging Markets and Asia. Previous professional experiences include a position as Desk Head with UBS AG for high net worth clients in Singapore.


He holds a Master of Art from the University of Fribourg, the Certified Wealth Management Advisor Diploma (CWMA) of the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) as well as a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Banking from the Swiss Finance Institute (Rochester-Bern Executive Programs).


Martin is married and has four children. During his free time, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking and spending time with his family.