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Latest market moves and their potential impacts


Dr. Pascal Koeppel – Chief Investment Officer and Head Investment Management Vontobel SFA – and Dr. Pieter Jansen – Chief Investment Strategist Vontobel SFA – offer you an overview on the latest developments in the global economy and any impacts on the asset allocation.


5 July 2024

What are the implications for bond markets, equity markets and broader asset allocation?

3 June 2024

Over the past two months we have seen significant market moves in both fixed income and equities. We ask ourselves, what are our expectations with regards to central banks and how should we interpret the volatility in equity markets?


7 May 2024

A lot of the recent market movements have been driven by expectations whether about interest rates, geopolitics or inflation but over time fundamentals will assert their necessary weight – perhaps aided by the completion of companies’ Q1 reporting. What do we see going forward and where and how should we be positioned?

5 April 2023

Look beyond borders: Dr. Pascal Koeppel – Head Investment Management Vontobel SFA – and Guido Marveggio – Portfolio Manager and European stock selection specialist Vontobel SFA – offer you an inside perspective and update on current European markets. The discussion is moderated by Patrick Schurtenberger, Head Business Development Vontobel SFA.



US Investors' Outlook



Traversing risky terrains

April saw something of a correction in equity markets bringing with it a (necessary) reduction in bullish investor sentiment while in the bond markets the impact of lowered expectations for rate hikes by the Fed led to a broad lift in yields (most pronounced in dollar bonds). Any broader implication of these shifts is likely to be muted as economic conditions remain broadly benign and the earnings season thus far has been positive.

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A chick hatching from an egg symbolizes the current fragile situation of the global economy, but also hope.

Budding hope

Central banks were again in focus in March. Against a background of solid economic activity data we saw a rate hike in Japan, a rate cut in Switzerland and we are getting closer to a rate cut by the Fed and the ECB as well. Do these developments create an opportunity for stronger growth in Europe? Read further in the US Investors` Outlook.

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A man in a blue shirt holds a movie clapperboard

Cut! That’s a wrap

Financial markets concluded 2023 on a positive note with an impressive year-end rally in equities, bonds and gold. At the start of this year, investors are reviewing the challenges they face in the year ahead. Read further what the implications are for the asset allocation in 2024 in our US Investors' Outlook.

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A woman holding a compass during a cold winter day

Staying ahead, reaching beyond

Central banks spent November emphasizing the need to keep monetary policy restrictive for long enough. Macroeconomic data that showed signs of a weakening US labor and housing market, combined with evidence of slowing inflation, had investors questioning how long “long enough” will actually be. The data indicated the US economy was on a trajectory towards a soft landing, supporting all asset classes in November.

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